Simple Ways to Safely Book Your Trip

Traveling allows you to experience a lifestyle different than the everyday one. However, without taking proper precautions, you might be booking a scam. Taking control of your data and being mindful of Internet security can …


Top 6 Brand Raincoats Worn by Queen Margrethe

Did you know that Queen Margrethe owns over 200 raincoats? That’s more than any other royal family member. Queen Margrethe of Denmark is one of the most well-known royals in the world. Even more, her …


A Review of Fashion For College Students

Following on from his ground breaking book Fashion Cultures, Steve Davidson now turns once more to the cutting edge with his second volume, Fashion Cultures Revisited. Here he explores the issues surrounding identity and fashion …


Using Road Trip Planning Tools To Plan Your Trips

Did you know that many people now prefer to plan their own road trips instead of relying on a travel agent? If you have always loved the thought of exploring new places and experiencing life …

Importance of Emotional Health To Your Well-Being
emptional health

Importance of Emotional Health To Your Well-Being

The importance of Emotional Health should not be underestimated or taken for granted. It is the ability to appropriately manage emotions that will impact your health. If you’re suffering from a mental or emotional health …

Benefits of Exercise For Women

What Are the Benefits of Exercise For Women?

The question “What are the Benefits of Exercise for Women?” has been debated for and over by countless women in many different ages over the centuries. And in all that time, science has only really …

Namibian Culture

Namibian Culture – The Himba of Namibia

The Himba of Namibia is unique among African tribes as they are the only tribe to wear the sacred him headdress, the Otjivho “hundred thread”. The origin of this sacred ceremonial dress dates back to …

Asian Culture
american culture

Asian American Culture

When most Americans think of Asians, they usually think of them as Chinese, Japanese or some type of Asian. However, there are many different types of Asian cultures. The word for “Asian” in many languages …

Self Care Tips

Practicing Self Care Tips

There is nothing more rewarding than taking time for yourself and practicing self-care. Self care is actually doing what is in your best interest to keep your physical and mental health in the best shape …

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Fabrics Whisper Stories of Cultures

Fabrics Whisper Stories of Cultures

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Unique Activities at the Woolacombe Holiday Parks

When you think of a holiday park, you probably think of in-park dining areas, waterparks, camping accommodations, rooms, and sports …

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