Fashion and Personality – Can They Be Compatible?

Fashion and personality go hand in hand when it comes to choosing clothes for any occasion. Everyone wants to look their best. Fashion has changed drastically through the years, from wearing shirts with pleats, then ties, then pants, then dresses. Fashion and personality do change as well, though.

What do Fashion and Personality mean? Basically, Fashion and Personality affect what kind of clothes a person wears for a given occasion. What does this have to do with me, you ask? It means that Fashion and Personality affect everyone around you, and how you choose to express yourself as well. Suppose you’re an outdoor gambler and sometimes you wear a dull, pastel-colored shirt to work.

If you were to dress up like the boss of the company, would people be less likely to like you? I don’t think so, but there’s a chance that they’d still like you if you were a little more colorful. Most of us express ourselves differently depending on our careers or hobbies. A person who really loves art and culture would probably wear a lot of clothes that show off their personality, instead of just following the crowd.

Now let’s say that you’re a career-oriented person who enjoys sports and outdoors. Fashion and personality would dictate that you go with bright, bold colors and loud prints. Bright colors and loud prints such as polka dots and tees would be ideal. People who enjoy gardening and working with their hands wouldn’t want to wear clothing that’s colorful and has frills. Neither would a dramatic personality who doesn’t like to spend much time in the sun.

Fashion and personality do indeed match well together. Think about it – you wear the clothes that you love the way that you look. That’s why you choose the particular clothing for yourself and not someone else. The same goes for your choice of fashion: you know what looks good on you so you choose that.

It’s easy to harmonize your personal fashion decisions with your co-workers or bosses’ decisions on the same topic. In fact, many companies actually encourage this. One of my company’s dress codes states: “Fashion should be considered an accessory, not a signal of fashion.”

As a professional in sales, it is vital to express myself clearly. I know that everyone on the job wants to look the same and dress alike. But being a salesperson I am concerned that too many people are following the wrong fashion choices. Not only can it result in poor sales but it can have a negative impact on others perceptions of the company I work for.

Fashion and personality don’t always mix well but they do together perfectly well. Both are very important in the workplace. If you want others to notice your unique selling points, you have to take the time to find out who your customers are and what they want. By doing so, you will be able to set the fashion for them and make your own fashion choices for your clothing lines. Fashion and personality go hand in hand for many professionals, regardless of line or industry. So choose wisely and be yourself.

Fashion and personality often come into play when choosing wardrobe attire for a special event or occasion. There is nothing more embarrassing than arriving at a special party dressed the wrong way. It can even send the wrong message. It can tell the boss that this person doesn’t take fashion seriously or think it is silly to care what people think of them. It sends a clear message that you care about appearance only to a certain point and beyond that you don’t care at all about people’s feelings.

Fashion and personality can also come into play when choosing clothing for yourself. Fashion can help you feel confident and fashionable when it is appropriate to be. Fashion and personality traits help us decide how to present ourselves to the world. How we dress can portray our true personality. The first time you decide to change the way you dress it can send a shock through any onlookers.

Remember that fashion and personality do not always match. It is fine to have one or the other but, if they are out of balance then it can send the wrong message. On the other hand, fashion and personality can add a unique flair to any outfit, but, when they are not in balance the result can be awkward, tacky or plain ridiculous. So, the next time you are dressing to try to think outside the box a little bit and consider how the fashion and personality will be integrated into your new outfit.

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