Food in Phuket: 5 Things You Should Try

While in Phuket, Thailand, you can look forward to the most authentic Thai food you have ever tasted. So, if you prefer Thai cuisine and want to know about the most delicious dishes in Phuket, here they are.

Local Restaurants

You can find many restaurants serving authentic Thai food in Phuket. This is literally translated from pad Thai, which means Thai food. It’s a noodle-based dish…

It’s definitely more authentic than the touristy restaurants you’ll find on Patong Beach.

Kanom Jin Kanom Jin is another Phuket must-try meal that will let you enjoy a delicious mushroom, tomato, lemongrass, chicken and galangal soup cooked in coconut milk. Specializing in various types of Thai curry served with rice noodles, Kanom Jeen Pa Mai is a great breakfast or early spot if you like curries.

Arguably the most famous street food spot in Phuket, this favourite spot has been delivering plates of khao tom haeng (dry rice porridge) for over 15 years. They are known for serving classic Phuket food and are very popular with locals and visiting Thai tourists.

Street Food

Street food in Phuket is fun, cheap, and a great way to try some simple, authentic Thai food. In Phuket you will find wonderful Southern Thai food, Malaysian food, Chinese food and even Indian food.

Som Tam

The ubiquitous tourist-friendly dishes like pad thai and som tam, but the more regional dishes like khanom jin, o eav and mu hong, are harder to find, which is a shame because, in my opinion, these are the dishes which you should look for in Phuket.

Food Markets

Head to Phuket food markets to sample everything from sliced ​​fresh fruit, grilled meat skewers, dim sum, fish cakes, tortillas to ice cream. Unfortunately, I read that Phuket’s traditional food is a dying cuisine in the sense that it’s easier to find an Italian pizzeria on Kata Beach than a Thai restaurant serving authentic Phuket food.

Tastes of the Old Town

You’ll find delicious food on the island, but the true taste of Phuket starts in the old town. To get a complete experience, stay in a Phuket villa so that you can commute to the Old Town like a working-class local, not turning down opportunities to grab the typical on-the-go fills freshly prepared for this ilk of people. This is the food hub of the island where you can find the best dishes. But if you want the most interesting dishes – you can find dishes in local families that best represent the island and its people – then you need to take a trip to Phuket’s Old Town.

Thalang Road in Phuket’s Old Town is the best place to try different types of local food, as well as the best street food stalls in the city where you can buy grilled meat or sticky rice. These include Baan Ar-Jor (link), Palai Seafood (link), Project Artisan (see here), and many more. The labyrinth of waterfront bamboo huts that make up this Phuket east restaurant is a strange but fascinating place for some serious seafood worth heading out of town for.


A Taste of Phuket Phuket has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is also known for its culinary history, with hundreds of foods available in restaurants and on the streets. Oh-Aew is made with banana powder jelly mixed with boiled red beans, ice and sweet brown syrup. Also added extra jelly and fruit to make it sweeter and tastier. There are actually different versions of this must-try Phuket meal, depending on the ingredients used, it can be fish, beef or pork.

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