How to Make Candles from Home

Learning how to make candles at home is really not as hard as it might seem. You can actually do this on your own. Just follow these simple steps and you will have beautifully made candles in no time. Candle wax is very easy to use at home. Once you learn how to make candles from home, you will never want to go back!

One of the easiest ways to create your own handmade candles from home is to use soy wicks. These are made of a synthetic material known as silica that burns extremely hot. When the wick cools, it separates into two pieces, one smaller than the other. The smaller piece is inserted into the larger one, which is placed into a standard wick. A standard candle wick is made of natural, aromatic waxes like beeswax or paraffin. To make homemade scented candles from home using wicks, measure twenty-ounces of natural wax, such as soy, and use a thermometer to test the internal temperature of each wick.

Another way to make your own candles from home is to create your own candle wax. Most DIY enthusiasts will already have a supply of essential oils, paraffin or soy wax. These supplies are inexpensive and easy to obtain. For those who would like to try making their own candles but do not have these supplies, there are many sources on the internet, including recipe books and websites with step-by-step instructions on how to make candles from home.

If you are new to making candles from home, you will probably start with hot wax and then blend it with a little water. The resulting candle will be slightly thicker than a cold throw, and the scent will be more pungent because of the oil content. You can control the thickness of the candle by varying the amount of water used in the blending process.

If you would like to know how to make scented candles from home that are especially fragrant, you can pour a small amount of essential oil into a container and add some fresh flowers. Place the mixture inside an airtight container, such as tins or another jar, and place it in the freezer for several hours. Unfrozen stems and leaves will break down over time, releasing their scent into the jar. Once the essential oil and flowers are frozen, you can pour them into individual jars and store them in your freezer. Once the jar is completely frozen, you can add your candle fragrance.

Because natural waxes, such as beeswax or soy wax, melt at a lower temperature than synthetic waxes, when you want to know how to make candles from home, you may want to experiment with the types of wicks you use. If you are uncertain about which wick to use, experiment with one or two wicks at a time. Try different colors, different melting temperatures, and different amounts of melted wax. If you don’t have access to the wax you are experimenting with, don’t worry; you can substitute wax cubes or pieces with inexpensive wicks. You may also elect to use beeswax or soy instead of paraffin, which may be available at craft and hobby shops.

Finally, you should know how to make candles from home, no matter what kind of fragrance you are trying to create. One of the easiest ways to alter the smell of the finished product is to vary the container in which you store the candle wax. Try storing the melted candle wax in clear glass containers, and then fill the jars with inexpensive gemstones, pebbles, or inexpensive jewelry beads. Change the color and texture of the gemstones periodically, and let your homemade scented candles age naturally. You can even try varying the color of the candle wax by pouring varying amounts of water into the melt, allowing the wax to steep.

Candle making can be a relaxing and enjoyable family project that children will enjoy. When you learn how to make candles from home, you will gain a deeper understanding of fragrance, craft, and candle making. Although you can buy ready-made kits from craft and hobby shops, experimenting to discover your own scent is the key to creating your own signature scent. Let your creativity flow when it comes to candle making, and enjoy the wonderful feeling of accomplishment as you transform fragrances from home to home using soy, beeswax, or beeswax.

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