How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

Are you preparing to put up your home for sale and want it to sell fast? While advertising is one way to find a buyer, what matters most is how the home looks; You need to make it attractive enough because first impressions determine whether you find a buyer or not. So, how do you prepare to sell your home to make it sell fast and at a better price? Here are tips on how.

Make its Exterior Appealing

Prospective buyers will see the exterior first. What they deduce about the home when they first see it may not likely change later, whether on a photo or in an actual visit. Clean, fix or change broken gutters. Mow that lawn you’ve been neglecting and prune those shrubs. The idea is to create the impression of a great home that everyone will want to own.

Make Repairs

Is there a broken window, door, or a leaking pipe? Remember that prospective buyers are on the lookout for neglected fixtures which would cost them to repair if they buy the house. Broken fixtures will drive away buyers and make your home stay on the market far too long.

Remove All Personal Items

Personal items are great and a treasure, but only to you. No one wants to see or keep your family photo taken many tears ago and hanging in the hallway or the cards you received on your last birthday. While they may look lovely to you, they would put off buyers who get the impression that you still own the house in a too personal way, or that you’re unwilling to let go.

Ensure Enough Light

Well lit houses are appealing and sell faster. If your lights are old or dim, consider changing them. Or you can enhance natural lighting by removing curtains from some windows. You could also prune trees or shrubs that are blocking sunlight from entering the house.

Remove Clutter

It’s inevitable that your home will have lots of items that you bought or received from friends and family over the many years you’ve lived there. Whether they’re useful or just junk, the new owner won’t need them, or they have theirs to take care of. Collect them and offer them to charity. Or, if they are valuable but not needed in your home anymore, you can opt to sell them.

Give The Home a Thorough Cleanup

Not the normal daily cleaning, but a spring cleanup, the one that leaves every nook and cranny free of dirt. No one wants to buy a filthy home, one that will cost them money or time to clean. You may even polish surfaces to give them a shine. It may cost you, but, compared to the value it will add to your house, it’s worth it.

Leave it to a Real Estate Agent

Home buyers detest having around the owner of the home they’re inspecting. It limits their freedom to point out the flaws they find inside and outside of the house, and can make them decide not to buy a home early on before having a look at it. To give potential buyers freedom and allow them to make a full inspection, it would be advisable to stay away and leave the whole process to a real estate agent.

With the above tips on preparing a home for sale, your ad shouldn’t be on the market for too long. Buyers are looking for nice looking homes to purchase, and making yours pleasing to the eyes is important. Whether it costs you or not, it’s worth it.

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