Planning Your DREAM Scottish Wedding

One of the loveliest nations in Britain is Scotland. For the ultimate romantic marriage, you can travel to Scotland and luxuriate in a marriage that is completely full of country Highland-ish charm. Be sure to follow these tips so that your Scottish country marriage turns out perfect…

Visit The Area & Scout The Venue

If you know somebody who resides in Scotland, you can ask them about the area around them and which locations are best. You can go browsing and have a quick look at some of the locale selections when it comes down to Scottish marriages and select some that you like. Think about where the venue is situated; would it be worth talking to your family and friends about car hire in Edinburgh to get to and from the function location if they are heading to the capital? Furthermore, if you’re not familiar with the location, ensure that you schedule a weekend to go to Scotland to have a look at the options available for your marriage.

Have You Considered a Castle Marriage?

What can be more romantic than a marriage in a Scottish castle? There are castles in Scotland that can be utilised for this reason. This is the final romantic marriage, though not cheap. But as your marriage is a once in an entire life event, hopefully, this is definitely worth the cost. You may feel like royalty if you host your Scottish marriage in a castle.

Plan The Civil Rite

You can debate church marriages with church officers in Scotland, but most churches will marry those who are members of the parish. If you know someone that is an affiliate of a Scottish church, for example a relative, you can ask them to help with this matter. You can plan a civil rite nonetheless, and just plan a meeting for pals and family in the Scottish country.

Explore Scottish Music & Traditional Dance

You’ll want to make sure you hire Scottish musicians who can play authentic tunes for both you and your guests during your Scottish wedding. You can even need to hire some dancers to amuse with conventional Highland dances. Make certain that you incorporate as much about the Scottish country into your marriage as practicable, including the music.

Serve conventional Scottish foods

Ensure that you serve a normal Scottish fare at your marriage dinner. If you’re having dinner, you’ll be wanting to plan the menu out with the caterer or the venue planner. If you’re just having some coffee and cocktails, you can still add a little bit of Scottish fare to the mix. Some examples of traditional Scottish cuisine are; pies, porridge, haggis, neeps & tatties, lobster and of course, the adored (or ignored) deep-fried Mars bar!


Remember to make your Scottish wedding as authentic as practicable. If you don’t live in Scotland and plan on a party crammed with pals and family for your Scottish wedding, it is your task to look after their overnight arrangements. You must select a locale that’s close to an inn or offers guest rooms for people that are attending the marriage party. Plenty of the Scottish country estates and castles that offer marriage packages feature rooms for overnight guests as an element of the package.

All that’s left is to say… ‘I do!’

Remember, your wedding day is all about YOU. We know that there’s every chance you already have the timeline of your day pencilled in to the second – this will be the most hectic day of your life! However, if you’re struggling for ideas, we really hoped that our traditional tips have helped add a bit more tartan flavour to your special day.

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