Sprucing up your space for spring

Freshening up your space can give your home a new lease of life and with just a few simple tricks you can completely transform your space. We could all do with an added sense of vitality when it comes to moving out of the colder months, so whether you live in a shared ownership apartment in Croydon or a family home in Kent, switch up your space for spring and fall back in love with your home.

Lighten the colours

By bringing lighter tones into your home you welcome the light and bring about a more welcoming space for spring . You can switch out the burnt oranges and deep reds to pastels and soft greens. A great way to infuse a new colour into your home is through accessories and soft details. By adding some pink throws or yellow cushions you can change the feel of your home without spending a fortune and whether you live in a city shared ownership apartment in West Drayton or a cosy house share in Lewisham, smaller spaces can be transformed with just a few accessories.

Add plants

Another great way to transform your interior for the spring is through plants and flowers. Adding a bit of life to your home can mean exactly that, adding living plants to your home. By adding some ivy to the kitchen or some cacti to the bedroom can make your home feel a lot lighter while also improving your health. Plants are proven to improve the air quality of your home while also boosting your mood. You can go as big or as small as you want and while plants are very much a trend, plants will never go out of fashion and a touch of nature in your home is an effortless way to make it feel a little more alive.

Declutter and destress

One thing you want to do to your home for the spring is give it a good spring clean. By decluttering and minimising your space you can infuse a fresher feel and lighten up the area. Decluttering is a super simple way of making your home feel lighter and fresher and being zero cost, you can apply this whether you’re a student or a busy young professional in London. A decluttered home and open fresh space will make you feel less stressed and invite in more of that spring light that will bring vitality back into your home.
Beyond this, decluttering can also indicate the areas of your home that may require a deep clean or reveal to you the pests that have been living alongside you in your space. If, when you are decluttering your rooms, you do find that there is a pest infestation in your home – whether it be caused by rodents, insects, or something else entirely – it may be time to call in a pest control company like https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/aptive/delaware/ to create for you a tailored pest control plan and safely remove the pesky visitors. 

 Switch up the scent

One of the most iconic features of spring is the floral smells and fresh scents it brings. By adding a couple of candles that infuse this smell into your home, you can bring spring into your interior and say goodbye to the rich smells of the winter time. Candles are an inexpensive and simple way to bring the season into your home. Whatever kind of home you might have infusing your space with a welcoming scent of the seasons will help you feel ready to take on the next quarter of the year and appreciate all the features it brings.

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