The Benefits of Taking a Weekend Getaway with Your Spouse

It is no secret that married couples who spend time together are happier and have a stronger relationship. But what is not always so clear is how to make time for each other when you are both busy with work, kids, and other commitments.

One way to make sure you get some quality time together is to take a weekend getaway. This can be a wonderful time for a couple to reconnect with each other and experience something they have not in a while – silence and togetherness.

The longer a couple has been together, the more they get into an everyday routine that they stick to, to make the day run smoothly, however, despite this being a comfort to many, it can also be boring and make couples feel stagnant.

So, a weekend getaway to a lovely cabin or a luxury hotel that can be found on websites such as, as well as others, may be the tonic needed for a relationship that wants a spark put back in. Without further delay, here are four reasons why it can be good for your marriage:

It gives you a chance to reconnect

When you are away from the distractions of home, you have an opportunity to focus on each other and talk about things that matter. You will also have more time for intimacy than you would normally have.

Without kids waking you up or household chores needing to be done at the weekend, you can lay in bed together and talk like you used to do. There is no pressure, and you can, in a way, really catch up with your spouse about everything and nothing. The time is yours to do with as you please.

It helps you appreciate each other more

Spending time in a new environment or doing new things together can help remind you of why you fell in love in the first place. You can fill the weekend with activities whether they be high-octane or leisurely, anything that suits you both which you can do together. They can be a true bonding experience.

It strengthens your bond

By sharing new experiences, laughing, and simply enjoying each other’s company, you will create memories that will last long after the trip is over. This is a time for you both to get back to why you fell in love in the first place. Even with everything happening in your lives, there is always that love there.

So doing something that is just the both of you can strengthen that foundation of love and give you more memories to add to your list. If you both think that you have pulled away from the other over time and you want to get that bond back, then going away for the weekend to do something you both like will help bring that back.

It boosts your relationship satisfaction levels

According to one study, couples who go on regular weekend getaways report higher levels of relationship satisfaction than those who do not. If you cannot go on regular weekends away, especially true if you have a family – money can be tight! Then just doing something with the other at the weekend can still help give a boost.

For example, you could do some home cooking, visit a nice restaurant, go to the movies, take a romantic walk in the park, or maybe you prefer going shopping together at weekend stalls. Whatever it is, as long as you both are happy to do it, then do it. Sometimes time together is all that is needed.

Infographic created by Planemasters, Charter Fleets Available to Suit Your Business Needs


So, if you are looking for a way to improve your marriage or partnership, a weekend getaway could be just what you need.

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