Top 6 Brand Raincoats Worn by Queen Margrethe

Did you know that Queen Margrethe owns over 200 raincoats? That’s more than any other royal family member. Queen Margrethe of Denmark is one of the most well-known royals in the world. Even more, her sense of fashion when it comes to raincoats continues to amaze us.

Queen Margrethe, the Queen of Denmark and a style icon in her own right has been wearing raincoats for decades. This is not because she needs to protect herself from the Danish weather but because it’s part of her signature look, which always includes her ever-present pearls. According to her public appearances throughout the years, the Queen’s style is often influenced by the latest trends in fashion. Here are some raincoats worn by Queen Margrethe.

1. British Knights Raincoat in White/Teal

The 1986 colour block coat by British Knights is a simplified version of the classic raincoat. Margrethe wore this particular piece at her summer residence near Gavnø Castle for an official state visit to Norway. She paired it with her signature pearls, a matching hat and white gloves.

2. Aquascutum Cooper Weatherproof Trench Coat in Red/Navy

The British outerwear company Aquascutum was founded in 1851 and is now famous for making the Queen’s favourite raincoat. Margrethe has worn it on many official state visits. This particular one was worn in Norway and Denmark during the summer of 1996.

3. The Raf Simmons Pastel Blue Raincoat

This one is from 2004 and was designed by Raf Simons. Raf Simons is a famous designer, and this raincoat is just one of Margrethe’s many looks that he has created for her. This design, in particular, with the sleek lines and smart cut, makes it look ultra-modern. This definitely looks like a piece that would fit in with the trends of today.

4. The Leopard Raincoat for Opera

For the opera, she wore a brown, knee-length raincoat with a hood, made of water-resistant material and decorated with black leopard fur. This is not only elegant but versatile as well. You can pair it with different outfits, flats or high heels and complete your look for almost any occasion. If you love a good womens raincoat, you will enjoy this leopard-like coat.

5. The Danish Raincoat

In the 1980s, Queen Margrethe was often seen wearing a grey raincoat made of dense fabric from the Danish company Storm & Stutteri Bredal. This brand is apparently no longer around, but its raincoats are still popular today as they were well designed and practical.

6. Burberry Raincoat

Queen Margrethe, back in 1978, was often seen wearing a Burberry raincoat to protect herself from the weather. This manufacturer is known for its typical waxed cotton fabric. Nowadays, she prefers another brand but still wears an elegant trench coat with her signature pearls. It is a beautiful womens raincoat to own, even today.


Queen Margrethe is the Queen of Denmark and has been on the throne for several decades. Her favourite colour, according to her website, is green and she loves raincoats. As she celebrates her birthday and life, the royal family’s photographer has published a book, ‘A World in Pictures’, containing Margrethe’s photographs wearing her many raincoats to various events. She is indeed the most fashionable woman in the world. All her outfits are always on-trend, and her style has remained influential for decades.

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