Unique Activities at the Woolacombe Holiday Parks

When you think of a holiday park, you probably think of in-park dining areas, waterparks, camping accommodations, rooms, and sports facilities.

However, there’s a lot more that you can do at the Woolacombe holiday parks in Devon than just the standard park stuff.

Here are some of the more unique activities you can do to add excitement to your holiday.

1: Hiking

The Devon holiday parks aren’t just developed land. They contain natural forestry that provides ample hiking opportunities.

These hiking areas are well-maintained and cared for to ensure that visitors can enjoy pristine hiking paths that are relaxing and fun to enjoy.

This is the perfect way to take in some of Devon’s wildlife and natural landscapes without having to delve into the backwoods or go too far away from society without knowing what you’re doing, and the experiences had along the hiking paths are priceless.

This is one of the first things we recommend park visitors do if they even remotely enjoy the outdoors. It’s one of those activities that allow for plenty of joy and self-reflection when done solo, but it can also be a romantic endeavor for couples or a family-friendly bonding moment for families. You can’t go wrong with a good hike, and it’s healthy!


2: Horseback Riding

We bet you didn’t expect to go horseback riding by visiting a resort. Well, in Devon, you can.

There are four holiday parks in Devon that all come as part of a package deal; so, you can visit any of them once you purchase a pass. Some of those parks do offer complete horseback riding experiences.

These horseback riding experiences are guided by professional riders, and even the most inexperienced individuals can get on a horse and trust that they’ll be guided safely and enjoyably.

This is another experience that can be great for anyone. If you’re going solo, it’s an amazing moment to get out in nature and truly bond with one of humanity’s closest friends: the horse. If you’re going horseback riding as a family, it’s one of those experiences that everyone will remember for a lifetime. Just make sure your children are able to follow instructions and ride safely. Otherwise, another activity might be a better choice. Finally, a few things will help partners bond and build memories together than hopping on a horse and riding out with the sunset. So, it’s the perfect pre-dinner activity for couples.

3: Pub Crawling

When you think of a family resort, like the holiday parks in Devon, you probably don’t think about hitting the pub for some great drinks and more mature food options. Most people only really expect family-friendly dining experiences.

However, the holiday parks in Devon are more than happy to appeal to a more mature audience as well as families.

You’ll find pub experiences at each park, and these are great ways to experience fine UK ales and liquors, and you can definitely expect to get some of the best pub food while you’re at it. However, one of the most appealing features is the friendly atmosphere. You might just make some friends on your holiday if you check out the pubs.

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